What Teams Look For In a Job

Here's how I manage teams - that get me reviews like these. 👇🏼


The secret sauce? 🤫

✅ Being a well rounded & genuine human being and,
✅ Knowing a little bit about what motivates people to do their best work.

That first part is a little harder to achieve, but the second part has some shortcuts.

While motivation varies for each person, it usually follows three needs.

Team members work best in teams and with managers that can facilitate...


But, what do they mean exactly? 🧐

🔶 MASTERY is stroking the innate human need to become better at a skill. This means that I always give my team goals that are slightly beyond their current skillsets and this facilitates their growth.

🔶 AUTONOMY is our desire to be self-directed and it increases engagement over compliance. This means giving them the space to offer solutions instead of management telling them what to do. (Think Empowered Agile Teams)

🔶 PURPOSE is The desire to do something that has meaning and is important. Businesses that only focus on profits without valuing purpose will end up with poor customer service and unhappy employees. This can mean a lot of things. One way is bringing my teams closer to the customer and seeing the impact of their work.

When you’re leading a team, ask yourself if you can offer them a combination of these three motivators. If you cannot, expect attrition!

Do you agree?