Simple Advice To Become A Better LeaderSimple advice to become a better leader: - Create a 30 min, weekly 1-on-1 meeting with all direct reports - 10 mins for them to talk about their…
What Teams Look For In a JobHere's how I manage teams - that get me reviews like these. 👇🏼 The secr…
Whether you want to hire new leaders, evaluate them or set a culture for them, these 5 attributes will guide you.
Shiny Object Syndrome: How Founders FailFounders are creative creatures. They are very good at creating new businesses and getting them off the ground. But as soon as it’s running, the…
A framework for you to create a profitable and sustainable side income business
The biggest reason for failure, understanding how much companies spend on marketing and NFT Scams. This and more in today's magazine!
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Agile Leadership: Online CourseWatch now (1 min) | Design better orgs, develop better leaders, build better products.
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