VENTURE CAPITAL - A Silicon Valley Ponzi Scheme

If you’ve followed me on social media, I’ve always been against accepting early stage investments and I wish all Indian companies would avoid taking “Loans” especially if you’re building products in the SaaS economy.

But why do I say that?

I thought I’d write a detailed article about this opinion, but I came across this video where Social Capital's Chamath Palihapitiya talks about how he fell for the mythology & the Ponzi scheme of Silicon Valley, i.e; Venture Capital and why he thinks most investments are bad for the company.

His in depth answer is excellent and worth listening to and listening to again!

Check out this video where he explains why he thinks venture capital is a Ponzi scheme!

He now urges founders to grow real, grow slow, & stay true to what they want to build in the world.

Thanks to Jason Calacanis and his channel This week in Startups for sharing this with the world.