Strategic Decisions To Build a Future Proof Business

STRATEGY: An coherent set of choices across your ❝vision, product, culture, process, and data❞ that informs your company what to do and why to do it. - Pramod George

About The Author

Hi, I'm Pramod George and I help new teams with their business strategy and operations.

By day, I’m a high agency Company Leader helping teams with product development and operations, and by night, I’m on a mission to build up the next generation of business leaders.

Having worked with large enterprises and small teams, I have experience and insights that are rare in such a fast-growing industry.

I am on a mission to help more companies build products that the world needs and loves.

Over the years I have been very fortunate to, meet and work with some amazing talent and learn what really works in the industry of SaaS product development and this is my opportunity to give back to the community.

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Pramod George

Hi, I'm Pramod. I'm on a mission to maximize our collective freedom, creativity, and impact. I'm an author, thought Leader, and advisor to SaaS leaders. Find me on social media channels @thepramodgeorge